By David Caplan

The New York Water Taxi is a great way to spend a day and an even better way to access New York’s top areas and attractions. Also, because you get to decide how long you spend exploring each destination and neighborhood before you get back on the next Water Taxi. Going from Midtown Manhattan to Christopher Street, Battery Park, South Street Seaport and Brooklyn – with a Statue of Liberty photo op along hte way – passengers avoid the city’s traffic, have a scenic ride and a better experience (and photos) to boot!

You might not recognize Christopher Street from the Top 10 roundups of New York attractions and that’s because it’s one of those best-kept secret neighborhoods that tourists don’t usually get to; it’s a recent addition to New York Water Taxi’s stops and a worthwhile stop on your tour of New York. Christopher Street is the oldest street in the West Village, known as the symbol of the city’s Gay Pride and home to a beautiful outdoor park on a pier and some fine boutique shopping options. Oh, and those cupcakes that Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw loved? Just a few blocks away on Bleecker Street.

The Battery Park stop gives visitors easy access to the 9/11 Memorial site, as well as several amazing historical sites, such as St. Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Church, where George Washington worshipped and 9/11 responders sought solace. On a less somber note, some of the best bargains in the city can be found at nearby Century 21.

The area of Brooklyn across from the Seaport is called DUMBO. No, it’s not named for that adorable Disney elephant; DUMBO is an acronym for “Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” Visitors hoping to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge should end their tour here; the view strolling into the city is far better than the one you get going in the opposite direction. DUMBO is also a great destination in itself – and a favorite local hangout (especially in Summer) – with some lovely waterfront park areas, stunning city views, and unique boutiques and restaurants.

Boats run about every 45 minutes and you can rejoin at any stop along the way. Guides on these rides are part historian/part comedian, so passengers will likely laugh their way to a better understanding of New York’s layout, history, cool attractions and neighborhoods.

If you decide to end your tour at Midtown’s Pier 84, you can take advantage of the double-decker bus tour of Midtown included in your All day access Water Taxi pass.

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