The Hidden Gems of Chinatown

By Dave Caplan

Chinatown – not the movie with Jack Nicholson, but one of New York City’s most culturally rich neighborhoods.

Pick up an All Day Access Pass (ADAP) at Pier 79 and take in the majestic skyline of Manhattan as you cruise down the Hudson and get off at Pier 11.

Head by cab, foot or Subway to Canal Street, the center of Chinatown. New York’s Chinatown has one of the largest populations of Chinese, outside of mainland China, in the world. Mandarin is the third most spoken language in New York behind Spanish and English. This is where you will find some of the tastiest and most reasonably priced meals in New York City, where a family of four can eat for less than $35 dollars. I am going to turn you on to a few of my favorite places that you will never forget.

Head to Joe’s Shanghai at 9 Pell St. and try their soup dumplings. It’s a taste explosion, but be careful not to burn yourself on the hot soup inside the dumpling. Do you like seafood? Try Ping’s on 22 Mott St. where you can pick out your own lobster and they will cook it any way you like. Next, sample some of the tastiest beef jerky on the planet at the Malaysian Beef Jerky store at 95A Elizabeth St. Soft and extremely tasty, not the jerky you’re used to.

How about Dim Sum without the hassle? Dim Sum Go Go at 5 E. Broadway serves up tasty dumplings and other exotic appetizers like spare ribs in black bean sauce. Anybody hungry yet?  Stop your salivating, board the New York water Taxi and head to Chinatown. That’s what I’m talking about! My name is Dave and I approve this message!

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Mystery photo-New York Stock Exchange

This week’s trivia question-Why are manhole covers round?

Mystery photo this week below:

Mystery Photo: Do you know where this is?
Mystery Photo: Do you know where this is?

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