The Grandeur of One World Trade Center Unravelled

By Dave Caplan

Dominating the skyline of lower Manhattan is One World Trade Center. At 1776 feet 1WTC is the tallest building in North America. For those of you folks from across the pond that’s 541 meters. The 1776’ mirrors the year our country declared independence.

One World Trade Center before completion
One World Trade Center before completion

When it opens later this year, it will offer over 3 million square feet of office space, 104 floors, 71 elevators, 9 escalators and a quarter of a million square feet of retail space.

The first major tenant to sign a lease was Conde’ Nast Publishing, they will occupy the 21st to the 40th floors. They are famous for Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair Magazines. At 3.8 billion dollars 1 WTC is the most expensive office building ever built.

The real fun starts next year when they plan to open the observation deck. Occupying the 100th to the 102nd floors it will command spectacular views of the Hudson and East Rivers, Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey and beyond. Did I say New Jersey?

Fasten your seatbelts because there will be an express elevator that goes from the ground to the top floor in less than 90 seconds at a speed of slightly over 21 miles an hour, making it the 4th fastest elevator in the world. You can’t waste any time when you are visiting New York.

If you want to get down to 1WTC quickly and easily, the best way is aboard a New York Water Taxi. Buy an All-Day Access Pass (ADAP) at Pier 79 on Manhattan’s West Side and cruise in comfort down the Hudson River while taking in the sites. Jump off the boat at Battery Park and enjoy a historic walk up Broadway and then head west to the One World Trade Center site. Don’t forget to give the “Wall Street Bull” a pat on butt on the way for good luck.

Last week’s trivia answer-Queens

Trivia question-Who is the largest owner of property in NYC?

This weeks Mystery Photo
This weeks Mystery Photo

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