The Most Iconic Building in New York City

By Dave Caplan

On May 1st 1931 the Empire State Building (ESB) opened its doors and immediately claimed the title of tallest building in the world; it kept that title for over 40 years.

The Empire State Building
The Empire State Building

The building is comprised of 102 floors, 1250 feet of Indiana limestone and stainless steel, 6531 windows, 2.2 million square feet of office space and 10 million bricks, I counted! What’s almost impossible to believe is that the ESB was built in less than 14 months at a rate of almost 5 floors a week. My kitchen renovation took longer than that!

The ESB had a rough financial start; it opened during America’s Great Depression. At first the ESB was largely unprofitable, considerably vacant, and almost went bankrupt. The media even coined it the “Empty State Building”. But thanks to a movie that came out in 1933 called “King Kong” all of a sudden everyone wanted to go to the top of the building where the big ape climbed up with the blonde in one hand, swatting planes out of the air with the other. They opened up an observation deck and charged people money to go to the top. Like they say the rest is history.

Every trip to New York should include a visit to this Art Deco masterpiece. One great way to experience the ESB is on our VIP All-Access Tour. Start your day at 7:30 am (we start early here) with one of our super guides and be one of the first guests to enjoy the spectacular views from the 86th floor observation deck. By 1:00 pm you will have visited the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, cruised down the Hudson on a New York Water Taxi and stood before the 9/11 Memorial. And with your VIP All-Access Pass you can board the Taxi all you want throughout the day and check out that tall green lady along the way.

My name is Dave and I approve this message.

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 This weeks Mystery photo:

This weeks mystery photo.
This weeks mystery photo.

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