The Melting Pot

By Dave Caplan

New York City is flat out one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. 170 languages are spoken in New York and 36 percent of the people living here today were born outside of the United States.

Different cultures are represented by colorful and vibrant communities all over New York. Little Italy still maintains its original charm; head downtown to Mulberry St and sink your teeth into a delicious cannoli. Looking for some great Indian shops and restaurants? Check out Little India just below mid-town on Manhattan’s eastside.

Hispanics represent almost 30 percent of the population, making Spanish the second most spoken language in the city.

Make your way throughout the city and you will find Puerto Rican, Mexican, Dominican and Colombian communities. One of the most famous Hispanic neighborhoods in New York City is called Spanish Harlem. Also known as” El Barrio” it is notable for its contribution to Hip-Hop and Salsa.

The Irish community represents one of the most influential and major ethnic groups here. From 1841 to 1860 almost 1.7 million immigrants came to America, many after the Great Famine of 1845. Today Irish-Americans make up 5.3% of New York City’s 8.3 million residents. Head to Hell’s Kitchen on Manhattans west side to check out a few of the over 100 Irish pubs in the city. I’ll have a Guinness please!

From Hell’s Kitchen you can head to Pier 79 at 12th ave and 39th St. and hop on one of our iconic New York Water Taxis. Cruise in style down the Historic Hudson River while enjoying views of Manhattans awesome skyline. When passing Ellis Island remember this is where 12 to 14 million immigrants started their lives as new Americans.” The Melting Pot” had begun for the over 5 million immigrants who would make NYC their home.

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