The Subway Series

By Dave Caplan

New York City is one of the greatest sport towns in the world. We have two baseball teams, two football teams, three hockey teams and two basketball teams. For tennis fans, the US Open is played every summer at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens. The New York Marathon is held every year in early November with over 47,000 competitors running 26.2 miles through every borough of New York City.

Baseball fans in New York are very passionate about their teams. You are either a Yankee fan or a Met fan, there is no in between. Every year this rivalry is played out in what we call the “Subway Series.”

Yankee Staduim
Yankee Staduim

It’s called this because you can take a subway from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx to the home of the Mets Citi Field in Queens. The greatest moment of this competition came in 2000 when the New York Yankees played the Mets in the World Series. The Yankees outlasted the Mets beating them 4 games to one. I was at game 5 which was played at the Mets former Stadium, Shea Stadium. My son Danny, a Met fan, was there with me to watch the Yankees claim their 26th World Championship. He certainly was not thrilled with the outcome, but we had a great time and memories to last a lifetime.

If you are planning a trip to New York and love baseball, make sure you catch a Yankee or Met game before you leave. First spend part of your day on a New York Water Taxi cruising in style traffic free and taking in the amazing views of New York City. Get off at either Slip 6 at Battery Park or Pier 11 at Wall Street and take a subway uptown to one of our great baseball parks. Remember its America’s greatest pastime.

Last week’s trivia answer-Brooklyn. Mystery photo was yours truly on the 102nd floor of #1 World Trade Center.

Trivia question-Where do the NY Rangers play?

Mystery photo below.

Mystery Photo
Mystery Photo

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