The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

By Dave Caplan

The USS Intrepid was one of 24 Essex class aircraft carriers built by the US Navy during World War Two. Commissioned in August 1943, she participated in several successful campaigns in the Pacific. Her legendary fighting status dubbed her the name the “Fighting I” and unfortunately because of several strikes by Kamikazes resulting in many trips to the dry dock she was also known as the “Dry I”.

The Intrepid
The Intrepid

Having also served during the Vietnam War she sailed with a complement of 2600 officers and enlisted men and carried as many as 100 aircraft at one time. She also received acclaim for being the recovery ship during a Mercury and Gemini Space Mission.

Finally decommissioned in March 1974 she eventually made it to New York City and became the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. The Intrepid is permanently docked on the west side of Manhattan at Pier 86 (12th ave and 46th St.). The museum is chock full of jaw dropping retired military aircraft and other exciting mementos of the past. At the museum you will find the submarine USS Growler, Concorde SST, Lockheed A12 Supersonic reconnaissance plane and the Space Shuttle Enterprise. Step inside and be thrilled by stories from men who served on the ship and also witness a Kamikaze reenactment.

The Intrepid has also appeared in a few movies, most notably I Am Legend with Will Smith and National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage.

Now if you hop on a New York Water Taxi and get off at Pier 79 the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum is only 7 blocks away. Stop by our ticket window at Pier 79 and save yourself some money by buying your Intrepid tickets from us. Grab the family and climb on board the Intrepid and have a blast!

My name is Dave and I approve this message.

Trivia answer-Nolita is an acronym for North of Little Italy

Mystery photo-section of the Berlin Wall on 53rd St.

Trivia question-What was the first hospital in NYC?

Mystery Photo
Mystery Photo

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