Location, Location, Location

By Dave Caplan

When buying Real Estate in New York City location has a lot to do with the price you are going to pay. How close is it to the subways? Is it near a park? Are restaurants and shopping nearby? Is it a safe neighborhood?

One could argue that much of NYC’s success throughout history had a lot to do with location. The city is characterized by its coastal position where the Hudson River and Atlantic Ocean meet, creating a naturally sheltered harbor. This helped the city grow into one of the most significant international trading ports in the world.

Most of New York is built on three islands, Manhattan, Staten Island and Western Long Island making land scarce while creating the most densely populated metropolis in the United States. To manage this density and protect the environment NYC has created one of the most energy efficient and least automobile dependent cities in the US.

There are over 550 miles of coastline in NYC creating an array of vistas from soaring apartment and office buildings to wooded hills and sandy beaches. I have always felt that the best way to understand and appreciate NYC for what it is today and how it got there is to take a trip on the water. We have the mighty Hudson River, estuaries the Harlem and East River and the pond that separates us from Europe the Atlantic Ocean.

If you make your way down to South Street Seaport make sure you catch a ride on our luxury yacht the Zephyr. The cruise is called the Statue of Liberty Express and in just one hour you will walk away with an understanding of how important location was and still is a huge factor in why NYC is one of the most commercially successful and influential cities in the world.

Last week’s trivia answer: Bowling Green is in lower Manhattan just north of Battery Park.

Las week’s mystery photo: Alexander Hamilton’s tombstone

This week’s trivia question-What’s the busiest subway station in NYC?

Mystery Photo
This week’s mystery Photo

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