Coney Island

By Dave Caplan.

Coney Island is a residential community, beach and amusement park destination located in southwestern Brooklyn on the Atlantic Ocean. What was once an outer barrier island subsequently became connected to the mainland by landfill creating a peninsula.

In the first half of the 20th century Coney Island reached its peak as a resort destination. After World War Two it went into a steady decline until its recent rejuvenation.

Last Saturday, I went to Coney Island with my daughter and girlfriend and we were not disappointed. The area is a great combination of old and new.Cyclone Roller Coaster We started things off with a bang by taking a ride on the historic Cyclone. One of the oldest wooden roller coasters still operating in the US, it first opened in 1927. What a blast we had getting jostled around while screaming around the tracks. Hard to believe over 80 years ago people were enjoying the same ride.

After two more adrenaline fueled rides we made our way to the boardwalk for some ice cream and outrageous views of the Atlantic Ocean. We even ran into movie star Bruce Willis! We then headed back into the park where my daughter enjoyed a couple of games of the classic “Skeeball”.

A trip to Coney Island is not complete unless you make a stop at the iconic Nathan’s Hot Dogs. It first opened in 1916 and is now host to the most famous eating contest in the world, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Every year on the 4thof July contestants assemble from around the world to see how many “dogs” they can consume in ten minutes. Eight time winner Joey Chestnut holds the record with eating 68.

Bottom line is if you want to enjoy a great day by the beach jump on the train and head to Coney Island.

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