It’s Foliage Season

By Dave Caplan

One of the most beautiful times here in the Northeast is the fall foliage season. This time of year, as the mercury drops, leaves on the trees are changing to gorgeous hues of red, orange, green and yellow.

Hudson River
Hudson River

Entertainments in the fall takes on a whole new look with pumpkin and apple picking and of course one of the most popular holidays of the year Halloween. Haunted houses, costume contests and trick or treating are all part of the Halloween fun.

But possibly the most wickedly outrageous, flamboyant and eagerly anticipated events of the year is the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. The parade stretches a mile long with 60 thousand costume characters and a crowd of over 2 million spectators. First held in 1974 it is the world’s largest Halloween parade.

One of the best ways to enjoy this time of year is by taking a New York Water Taxi Fall Foliage Tour. The boat departs from South Street Seaport rounds the southern tip of Manhattan and heads North on the Hudson River. After the boat passes underneath the George Washington Bridge you will be in a completely different world.

Gone are the skyscrapers and endless rows of apartment buildings. Both sides of the Hudson are framed by beautiful clusters of trees bursting in fall colors. History is not limited to the city. As you head up the river you will pass the famous Little Red Lighthouse underneath the GW Bridge which was immortalized in a children’s book.

You will pass the home of one of the greatest American authors, Washington Irving, who wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle. And be careful because this time of year there is a good chance you could run into the Headless Horseman.

So put on your cords and sweater jump onto our Foliage Tour and let your senses plunge into a beautiful fall day.

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Mystery Photo
This week’s mystery photo

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