I Spent A Day With A Shark!

By Rachel Hoffmann

I wasn’t somewhere tropical, with crystal clear water and scuba gear on, I was roaming the streets of New York City with this guy –Sharky (and he didn’t bite).

When Sharky first came aboard to work with us a few weeks ago, everyone at New York Water Taxi was super excited! After meeting the staff (and scaring the pants off Morgan in marketing) it was time to put him to work. We found out rather quickly having him answer the phones was not the best idea — he’s not much of a talker. He tried data entry, but he became frustrated trying to type with his fins and ate the keyboard. Also, his raw fish lunch was really, really stinking up the office. So, we decided to let him hit the streets of NYC.

shark 2

We were worried that Sharky would cause a mass panic in the streets, as he does have a history of scaring folks (which was caught on video), but it soon became clear people would rather take a picture with him than run for dear life. In Grand Central Terminal he got laughs, high-fives and smiles!

shark 3

In Times Square people took photos left and right. Kids were running up and hugging him and, ever the prankster, Sharky had a great time photo bombing people’s selfies! New York’s finest even got in on the act as one police officer lent Sharky his hat and snapped a quick pic. It was great to see Sharky so happy.

shark 4

We ended our adventurous day at the US Women’s Ticker Tape Parade waving at all the soccer players, congratulating them on their recent win. Sharky has always wished he could play soccer, but, you know, he only has fins. He was almost brought to tears when some of the players saw him and yelled “SHARK!” It was such a proud moment!

shark 5It was quite a day and Sharky looks forward to continuing to meet and entertain the visitors and locals of New York. If you see him around town, don’t be afraid, say hi. He won’t bite …unless you smell like fish. If you smell like fish run for your life!

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