Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass

By David Caplan

DUMBO is a neighborhood of Brooklyn and is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Historically speaking, DUMBO was primarily a manufacturing district in the 1800’s, where warehouses and factories churned out machinery, paper boxes and Brillo Soap pads. The cardboard box was invented there.

In the 1970’s DUMBO became mostly deindustrialized. Artists and new families were looking for relatively spacious and inexpensive loft apartments for studios and homes, especially with Manhattan prices going through the roof. The acronym DUMBO began in the late 70’s, residents coined the term hoping the unattractive name would help deter developers. It had the opposite effect.

Today DUMBO is one of New York City’s premier art districts; it also has the highest concentration of technology firms by neighborhood. It is home to 25% of the cities tech firms employing over 10,000 people.

If you are visiting New York the best way to get to DUMBO is to board an iconic New York Water Taxi and disembark at Fulton Ferry Landing in Brooklyn. This stop has a little something for everyone. If you are hungry you can check out great pizzerias like Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s. A low carb meal of burgers shakes and fries waits for you just up the street at Shake Shack. For something a little lighter, grab a lobster roll at Luke’s and you can top it all off with some homemade ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

Kids and their parents will both enjoy a nostalgic ride on Jane’s Carousel, a 1920’s carousel from Youngstown, Ohio which opened in 2011. Of course the ultimate experience is to take a walk on one of NYC’s most treasured landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge.

Last week’s trivia answer. The original Waldorf Astoria was located at the current location of the Empire State Building.

Last week’s mystery photo-QMII

This week’s trivia question-Where is Forest Hills?

This week’s mystery photo


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