Winter has finally arrived in NYC

By David Caplan

What a difference a month makes! If you would have asked us in December we probably would have said we weren’t going to see winter this year.  In all of December the mercury never dipped below 34 degrees Fahrenheit!  We had 13 days topping 50 degrees, 10 days over 60 and on Christmas Eve the thermometer hit 72 degrees. White Christmas? I don’t think so.

Of course there is an upside to the warmer weather and New Yorkers took advantage of it. We got to spend more time outside, walking and biking in Central Park, strolling along the Highline, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and finding any way possible to avoid donning our winter coats, hats and gloves.

After a fall and winter that one could describe as unusually mild, cold weather has finally arrived in NYC. We were pounded by Winter Storm Jonas this past weekend, with some areas getting almost 3ft of snow! He sure made up for our lack of winter thus far.

For visitors to this great city, there are always countless choices on how to spend your time when the weather turns cold. There are 40 Broadway theaters, over 30 Off-Broadway theaters and over 200 museums and cultural centers. And if you don’t mind the cold there are many state of the art skating rinks to choose from.

Sightseeing continues over the winter months and the best way to check out New York in climate controlled comfort is on board a New York Water Taxi. Imagine sitting back in your seat while enjoying an Irish coffee as you are entertained by passionate NY guides. The scenery will astound you as the boat makes its rounds up and down the Hudson and East River with the opportunity to “hop-on” or “hop-off” at several stops in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Grab your winter gear and come visit us at New York Water Taxi for a great winter experience.


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