8 Of The Best Things About Fall


1. Fall Fashion: Putting away all your patterned shorts and trendy bathing suits can be tough, but it’s a task that must be done when summer comes to a close. When out on our boats, it can get windy, especially with the dropping temperatures. Scarves and hats are a must for our top decks but make sure you keep them on tight-you don’t want them wind to blow them away!


2. Chillier Weather: The harsh heat waves of the summer that plagued New York City are finally over. Hopefully, fall’s transition from summer heat to chilly winter will be kind to us this year.


3. Sleepy Hollow Festivities: No Halloween season is complete without a trip to Sleepy Hollow – our nation’s Halloween capital! Enjoy style, comfort and autumn scenery aboard New York Water Taxi on our Sleepy Hollow Ferry. Upon arrival enjoy Sleepy Hollow’s legendary sites, farmer’s markets, parades, haunted hay-rides, cemetery tours, shops and restaurants.

4. Back to School: As much as everyone loves going to art museums with packs of wild children running amok, the start-up of school benefits those few that enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet in New York where they can get some. Museums, art galleries, and parks are a little less filled to the brim when kids are sent back to classes.

5. Halloween Décor: Our country is notorious for preparing for holidays 3 months in advance. The sure sign of fall is jack o lanterns scattered on your neighbor’s steps and skeleton stickers decorating store-fronts.


6.  Pumpkin Spice: Coffees, lotions, air fresheners, candles, Oreos and skittles; everything gets a dash of pumpkin spice in the fall even things that definitely shouldn’t be.


7. Parks are Prettier: It’s no contest that Central Park is its most stunning in fall. The leaves are finally changing colors which creates a patchwork effect on the tree tops that is picturesque. While the park provides a spectacular autumn scenery in our bustling city, the real fall magic happens up the NY Harbor. That’s why we have our…

8.  Fall Foliage Cruise: Each autumn, New York Water Taxi boasts spectacular day-trips north up through the serene and breath-taking Hudson River Valley. It’s a terrific way to bask in the vibrant red, orange and yellow bursts of changing leaf colors in all their splendor!